Jipfish Wagon

Will the Jipfish Wagon fit in my car?

Yes! It will even fit in very small cars. In an instant you fold it into a flat package and take the wheels off.

How do I store the wagon?

The wagon is easy to store because it is foldable. It can be hung on the wall with a storage system wich is only 20 cm deep.

What is the maximum weight the wagon can carry?

The wagon can carry up to 80 kilos.

Is it hard to pull the wagon?

No! Even if the wagon is full, you can easily pull it behind you. The high quality tires will easily drive over different terrains.

What do I do if my tire loses air pressure

Like the bicycle tire it may lose air pressure over time. You can even inflate them at every gas station.

Can I carry my children in it?

Yes, you can easily carry two children, from 1.5 years. You can buy a set of seat belts so they can not stand up while driving.

What if I have a question about the wagon?

If you have a question you can e-mail to hello@jipfish.com
or call (phone: 070 205 91 10)

Jipfish Swing

Can Jipfish Swing hang outside?

Yes, the swing is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The plywood is waterproof and it is finished with a clear lacquer which is suitable for outdoor use and has a UV protective effect in order to reduce discoloration in the sun.

Where can I hang up my swing?

That is of course different for everyone but there are always more options than you think. If you space in your garden you can hang it on a swing frame or maybe you have a beautiful tree. You can install it at the edge of the balcony or in the doorway.
Also in the house there are plenty of options. On a beam in the attic, a pole or maybe just in the nursery or kitchen. Actually, the swing can go anywhere! The rings make it easy to remove it to store or hang somewhere else.

How do I install my swing?

We recommend that you let a specialist install the swing. The best way to install the swing depends on where it will hang. A beam requires a different method than a concrete ceiling.

Can an adult go on the swing?

Yes, the maximum weight is 80 kilograms.
Make sure that the swing is properly secured.

What if I have a question about the swing?

If you have a question you can e-mail to hello@jipfish.com
or call (phone: 070 205 91 10)


Where can I buy products from Jipfish?

You buy the wagon or swing straight from the designers and creators through our web shop. Within a few days it will be delivered to your house. You can pay by PayPal or make a bank transfer.

Can I order products Jipfish from abroad?

Yes you certainly can. Please contact us by email then we can arrange it. Shipping costs will vary by country and packet size.


How do I know my order has been shipped?

Once the money is received, the packet will be send off and you will receive the track-and-trace number so you can track where your package is.

What is the delivery time?

In the Netherlands we deliver within a week. Outside the Netherlands it will take longer, which varies by country.


There is something wrong with my purchase, what can I do?
Contact us via hello@jipfish.com possibly with photos or call (phone: +3170 205 91 10)